44 Years of Hip Hop | Google Pays Homage To Legend, DJ Kool Herc

“I’m a Jamaican and that’s where I come from. When I first come to the United States in ’67 it was about me holding on to my roots and playing records that I brought from Jamaica.” – DJ Kool Herc

It is widely accepted that over forty years ago a back to school party in the Bronx generated a movement that changed the world.  While some Hip Hop enthusiasts credit block parties and clubs in Brooklyn in the late 1960’s as the birthplace of Hip Hop, no one can dispute that a Jamaican DJ named Kool Herc (Hercules) was instrumental in laying the foundation for a cultural revolution by displaying his technique known as “The Break”.  Forty-four years later, Hip Hop is a cultural lifestyle – influencing art, fashion, our language and attitude.

Google’s homage to DJ Kool Herc:


Clive Campbell (Kool Herc) was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved with his family at age 12 to 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx.  A few years after moving to the states Kool Herc and his sister, Cindy, began hosting back-to-school parties in the recreation room in their building. One party led to another and Kool Herc would develop a technique that became the blueprint for Hip Hop music.

Kool Herc explains the “Merry-Go-Round” technique:


August 11th marks the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop —  a movement sparked by curiosity and rooted in the Caribbean culture. “And if ya don’t know now ya know.” – The Notorious B.I.G.

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